Poker Sleuth 2.0!

We’re happy to announce the release of Poker Sleuth 2.0, a major update to our software designed to help online poker players improve their play. Poker Sleuth 2 includes a slew of features, such as:

  • A heads-up display (HUD) that overlays statistical data about opponents directly onto the poker table
  • A player analyzer for studying a particular opponent in greater detail
  • An equity calculator that computes each player’s probability of winning, assuming no one folds.
  • A hand reviewer that allows a player to study their own hands and look for mistakes

All of the major online poker rooms have a facility to record each hand you play to disk, typically in a simple plain-text format. Poker Sleuth reads each stored hand and builds a database containing statistics about each player. Poker Sleuth then overlays those statistics directly on to the poker table, with a block of statistics appearing near each player, as in the image below. Hovering the mouse over any of the statistics displays a tooltip with more detailed statistics.

HUD screenshot
In addition to the statistics tracking and heads-up-display, Poker Sleuth includes a best-of-breed equity calculator that incorporates all of the best features of some of the other equity calculators in the market.
Equity Calculator screenshot

Because Poker Sleuth’s equity calculator is fully integrated, it can populate the fields directly from a recorded hand. This powerful feature is great when reviewing a hand, making it a snap to explore odds and probabilities.